The ad driven app: Condé Nast Digital's Dash Recipes

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Released at the end of last week, Dash Recipes is a free tablet edition from the editors of Parade, and sold under the Condé Nast Digital name.

The app is free, as is the content. Readers can subscribe at no charge so that new issues of Dash will be delivered automatically.
In essence, this is a special section app, if you will. Delivered free and paid for by the advertising found inside the issues.

That first issue is a summer grilling guide. There is a built-in cover to the issue with a short embedded animation. Then one proceeds to the TOC where one can take a short cut to the recipe sections, or alternatively, one can simply swipe to the next page.

Some of the advertising is fully integrated into the app edition such as the beef ad. Others, like the Ore-Ida ad more closely resemble a print magazine ad. Like a lot of special sections it is sometimes hard to be exactly sure what is in the edition based on editorial considerations, and what is there because of an advertising tie. But readers are not asked to pay for the issues, and the app is very well done. (I should add that the content is to be read in portrait orientation only.)

With the launch of Dash Recipes the editors and sales teams have a library app where they can now launch new editions without having to launch a brand new app. They have created new real estate and a new revenue channel, now all they have to do is capitalize (though that may prove to be the hard part).

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